Okay I have a great idea for an easy Halloween costume! A weekly CSA produce box! 

I have been looking at this box on the back patio for a while and realized the hands on the lid say, if you can’t read the print: "To Open, Place Hands Here & Squeeze." Hahaha so I am going to fit the box around my torso, ‘hands’ on chest, and add veggies and fruits around me. This is too hilarious.

I no longer can (because I am poor as fuck and my card is  maxed), but I had been supporting Farm Fresh To You, they deliver to almost all of California. I met them at an anti-GMO rally last year and signed up. They have so many different sizes and varieties of boxes to choose from.

Hooray for more project ideas!


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i’ve been waiting for you

You know y’all loves some Quark. (i miss DS9 so bad)

Anonymous asked:

What does an orgasm feel like? I mean I've had sex and it feels good but idt I've ever had a "true" orgasm


Like warm water flowing in rapid waves in every direction from your center of love. Like you could have a conversation with the trees and the stars because in that moment you aren’t a person you are divine energy and your own mind is not separate from universal energy.

This is exactly it. Like a deep morning stretch that engulfs the entire universe of the person energy you love endlessly (even if that is yourself). You relax and burst and disperse into oneness.